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Ellie Ewert

Welcome! I’m Ellie!

Born and raised under the Minnesota skies, my journey has been anything but ordinary.

Music resonated with my soul as I played the saxophone, while volleyball tested my athletic prowess throughout school.

Graduating as the salutatorian of my high school was a proud moment, but my competitive spirit didn’t stop there. I was recruited to shoot rifle at UNL, continuing a passion for the sport.

Ellie Ewert

But it’s not all rosy. My competitive edge, while often a driving force, has sometimes blurred the lines between what genuinely brings joy and what simply feeds my need to excel.

It’s an ongoing lesson: to discern between what I love and what I’m good at, and understanding that they don’t always align. Some bridges were burned, lessons learned.

Family means the world to me. I share an apartment with my lovely sister, who occasionally dives into the blogging world with me.

girl looking over hills

Oh, and how can I forget? There’s also Dorothy June, my furry companion, always ready for a cuddle or an adventure (check out her blog Hey Dorothea when you get a chance)!

Blogging and I crossed paths in 2020, with Ellie’s Travel Tips becoming my passion project. While my 9-5 gig keeps me grounded, my dream is to someday turn this blogging hobby into a full-time journey, traveling and expanding my family along the way.

I truly believe in creating the life you desire. Through proactive changes and a touch of manifestation, I’ve crafted the vibrant life I live today. And I’m here to share, inspire, and grow with you.